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 Dimensional Plan for Design 42033, the Rossville


Sample Single-Build Construction License

Single-Build Construction License


With the single-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' you or your local drafting service draft the plan to meet your specific needs in relation to the building codes in your area.


The single-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' grants to you the Right to change this home plan to meet your specific needs and the 'Right' to construct and build the plan one time. Subsequent-build licensing is available.


This is a legal document. You will want to keep it in a safe place.You will need to reference the License Number when calling about your plan or ordering subsequent-build licenses.


Design Basics
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Dimensional Plan


 Dimensional Plan
Dimensional Plan Price**:  $625.00


Who Should Consider Buying a Dimensional Plan?


Customers who must have home plans drawn locally to meet the specific building code requirements of their jurisdiction, including local engineering or architectural seals. The Dimensional plan is the starting point.


A Dimensional Plan includes:


  • Design Basics' federal copyright and Design Basics' Construction License;
  • All Four Elevations;
  • 1/4" Scale Foundation Plan
  • 1/4" Scale Floor Plans


** Dimensional plan may take up to four business days to complete.


** For example purposes, not actual design. **


1/4" Scale Elevations

1/4" Scale/Dimensioned Foundation page

1/4" Scale/Dimensioned Main and Upper Levels


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